Joreva furniture store La Garriga

JOREVA STUDIES was founded in 1993 with a long tradition in the world of furniture. For almost 40 years offering designer, avant-garde, contemporary and classic furniture. If you are looking for a professional team to be able to hire an interior design service, do not hesitate to contact us.

We put at your disposal 1200 m2 of exhibition of furniture and accessories of decoration of first marks. We have extensive experience and professionalism in the world of decoration and interior design so that we can build the space of your dreams together.

At Joreva interiorisme La Garriga we have our own team of industrialists and assemblers. They help us to reach excellence in all our projects, taking care of every single detail.

Formed by a multidisciplinary team, we start each day with the renewed enthusiasm of taking a step further in the realization of our dreams. That's why our customers choose us to share theirs with us.

  • In Joreva interior design La Garriga we offer:
    • Shop for furniture and decorative accessories from leading international brands.
    • Checking customers' home measurements for each interior design project.
    • Own and professional transport and assembly.
    • Design and sale of customized furniture and leading national and international brands
    • Restyling spaces.
    • Design of new spaces: bedrooms, kitchens, studios, living rooms.
    • Custom interior design projects.
    • Comprehensive renovations of homes, offices, shops, etc.
    • Study of outdoor spaces: gardening and furniture.
    • No-obligation quotes.
    • Financing.
    • Collaboration with professional studies.

Discover all the services we can offer you HERE or come see us at our showroom