The purpose of the SHOWROOM with furniture and accessories of design. Joreva Study is to be able to share the experience of dressing an environment with furniture and accessories of design, exclusivity and outstanding brands.

We put it at your disposal 1200 m2 of exhibition space and extensive experience and professionalism on the part of our entire team. More than 40 years are behind us and we are looking forward to sharing everything with you in order to help you to make your dreams come true.

The entire team of professionals of Joreva is willing to create the ideal space and atmosphere for each client according to their needs. If you come to visit our SHOWROOM of furniture you can discover the latest in interior design always with leading brands.

We work with leading national brands i lawoffering furniture, accessories and kitchens of design, avant-garde, contemporary, and classic. Among others, some of our brands are:

designer furniture brands
designer furniture brands

If you want more information about the OUTLET of furniture contact us HERE or you can come and see us at our showroom of La Garriga