We offer multiple solutions to meet the demands and needs of professionals such as architects, interior designers, decorators, home renovation professionals or commercial premises. We bring originality in the designs, high quality of materials and excellence in the finishes.

More than 30 years of experience guarantee a personalized service of the highest technical level. Accompanied by a logistics capacity, transport and assembly of maximum efficiency. We can offer a comprehensive service if the client requires or to intervene in a specific area of ​​the project.

On the other hand, this long background guarantees JOREVA's vocation to work side by side with professionals. We like to be part of the team. Our technical team will accompany each step of your project: tell us what you need and we will be involved with you in finding solutions.

Els JOREVA's own equipment, of maximum professionalism, will be in charge of supplying all the equipment needed for projects of interior design for the professional client.

We are official distributors of more than 500 international brands of design, which we approach the professional client to be able to work comfortably and to choose with total freedom from a very wide catalog. We bring experience, technical knowledge, creativity, research, samples,… All these resources allow us to advise the client in the choice of options in order to increase their commercial success as well as the value of their projects. We help to prescribe the most suitable product always keeping in mind the value for money and subsequent maintenance.

If you want more information about the OUTLET of furniture contact us  HERE or you can come and see us at our showroom of La Garriga.