A Joreva Estudi we work in comprehensive interior design reforms looking for flexible and innovative solutions. We provide decorative and architectural solutions to create the ideal atmosphere.

We design the space that better suits you and offer all type aesthetic and functional solutions for intergral projects of all types of homes and commercial premises.

Our interior designers will make you a project with plant layouts, renderings and inspirational images, so that you can plan a tailor-made renovation and you can choose with our assessment, the right materials in every step.

We will accompany you from the beginning of the project until the end of the renovation, taking care of every detail: the distribution of the spaces, the lighting, the colors, the furniture, the decoration, the shapes…


  1. Accompaniment in the showroom
    It all starts with an exclusive interview with one of our designers walking around the JOREVA showroom. This is the space where you can share your ideas, desires and needs. Our designer will present our collections of furniture and decoration accessories. He will explain how our personalized design and interior design service works and will give you answers to the first questions that will surely come to your mind.
  2. Design visit to your home
    If you are determined to move on, then we will come to your home for an in-depth in-situ design session. Together, we will review color palettes, samples, fabrics, and blueprints, and take measurements. So when we leave we will have a clear picture of how you want this space to be transformed.
  3. Presentation of the design
    When your designs are ready, about two weeks later, we will invite you back to our showroom to introduce you to the new space and make the final changes. From here, you will have a moodboard with samples of material, an exact budget as well as a scale sketch to help you see how the project is taking shape and you can see how the space will finally look.
    If you like everything, you can set up the order and start the wheel will begin to run. If you prefer to take the moodboard home with you so that you can mature the decision a little more, you are free to do so and come back when you are ready.
  4. The big day
    The JOREVA team is on the way ready to work and finish the project as soon as possible. We work as fast as we can, avoiding unforeseen events, leaving everything ready. Therefore, once you enter your home, all you have to do is ENJOY the new space (or spaces). A comprehensive project from 0 to 100.

We offer the interest-free financing option for your projects.

If you want more information about the OUTLET of furniture contact us  HERE or you can come and see us at our showroom of La Garriga.